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Q: what is the effect of granulocyte therapy?

A: the technology has been certified by FDA, in the United States has been a lot of examples of clinical treatment, it can be observed that the effect

 of killing cancer cells, so the Chinese medicine city will be the focus of the introduction of the technology in china. We have a Taiwanese patients 

through our therapy, life continues 3 years superabundant; Ms. Yang Xinhua Daily reported in Hong Kong have been sentenced to death, but in Jiangyan

 Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of the 20 days, every day, Ms. Yang will give us a surprise, is true to a new. The green

 therapy on patients with no side effect, no damage, effective control of the lesion and effectively improve the tumor patient's physical and mental

 condition, proliferation of tumor, improve the quality of life of patients, so as to prolong the service life.

Q: where is the treatment?

A: the company is now with the famous advanced hospital for scientific research collaboration, there is the first hospital in Nanjing, Nanjing BenQ hospital,

 the 454 people's Hospital of PLA, Taizhou Fourth People's Hospital, the treatment site according to expert opinion. Specialize in every hospital, doctors

 have their own areas of expertise.

Q: what cancer can cure?

A: in addition to leukemia, the entity or metastatic tumors can be treated.

Q: what families need to provide?

A: will be the patient's detailed medical records mailed to us, if we are in a hurry, can be scanned into electronic version sent to our mailbox, or

 through the phone to shoot with us (WeChat: Ford). We will transfer to our treatment group as soon as possible, there is a message, will be the first

 time to contact you.

Q: cost? Treatment time? Course of treatment?

A: each person's condition is different, the treatment plan, time, cost is not the same. This is a scientific research project by three party scientific

 research institutions, 200 thousand and 5 times the number of infusions with respect to the ordinary family is not small, but I believe that we value

 this price. First of all, the country is not so completely harmless green therapy, second, we have a team of experts in the country as well as the 

reputation of the technology is the top. At the moment, we should be your best choice, as long as you 100% believe and cooperate, we will do our best 

to do our best.